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“Shiluvim Koliym” is a talented and highly regarded all female vocal band from the Neve Yosef Community Center. This Community Center fills the social, cultural, emotional and educational needs of the residents of East Haifa, and strives to enhance the quality of life for this underserved community, comprised of Jews, Arabs, Christians and new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. The members of “Shiluvim Koliym” recently performed at the 16th Gangneung International Junior Art Festival in South Korea. It was the first time in sixteen years that a group was asked to come back for an encore. More so, members of “Shiluvim” were asked to be the main act in the festival’s closing show with the attendance of the city mayor. After their big success, we are hopeful to continue support for them and their dreams. Since Neve Yosef is built on the ideal of of “community building community”, we are hopeful to expand this community with your help. We are appreciative to all who have read, liked, and shared our story and immensely grateful to all of our donors.

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Follow our Instagram at nycc.haifa and most importantly watch “Shiluvim Koliym”.


Feel free to reach out with questions and comments, and once again thank you for your time and generosity.


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