Renovation of the Richman Building

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Renovation of the Richman Building

Creating 21st Century state of the art facilities

The Richman building was built thirty years ago. In its Dme a game changer, this thirty-yearold
building is now run down, inaccessible to the disabled populaDon, and rapidly becoming
inadequate to the expanded and new needs of the community. More importantly, the
Richman Building as it is will be incapable of meeDng the needs of the local populaDon over
the next ten, fi[een, and twenty years.

To create the facility that will provide these and addiDonal opportuniDes, we are launching
a major campaign to renovate the building, adding new rooms and open areas via creaDve
planning and construcDon. The renovaDon will upgrade or replace the exisDng faciliDes
with a modern and a\racDve building that responds to the needs of the community while
placing the educaDonal goals of our mission at its core.

Our vision is thus to continue, create, and sustain within the newly renovated building:

• New library, with both more books and more electronic data bases, providing spaces
for informal and individual educaDonal acDviDes to take place.

• Learning Center, to afford a place for new programs to be developed and implemented

• Music center, providing opportuniDes to learn and perform classical and contemporary
music with classically trained teachers, and instruments provided on loan to the
• Teen Tech Clubhouse, as part of the New Learning Center Complex – exposing our
youth to the most advanced compuDng capaciDes and add-ons available

• Arts and Ceramics Center, serving a city-wide populaDon with specialized instructors
and equipment

• Physical educaDon and MulD-Purpose Center, to allow for development of whole
health and fitness awareness

• RenovaDon of the auditorium, the only performance center in eastern Haifa, upgrading
of infrastructure to comply with safety, accessibility and security demands as they evolve
• Overall upgrading of the building’s infrastructure to comply with safety, accessibility
and security demands

The Opportunity

The overall project is itself a naming opportunity, be it for an individual, a family, or a
There will be many individual projects within the renovaDon which will suit the donaDng
preferences of those who wish to parDcipate.
The Project envisions donors who wish to share in the lives of the inhabitants of eastern
Haifa, in ensuring their well-being, their personal and communal enhancement, their
dedicaDon to their family, their communiDes and the State of Israel and will acknowledge
them as such.

No. Description Estimated cost ($)
1 Extension Structure 835,000
2 Finishes 1,165,000
3 Elevator 85,000
4 Renewal Existing bldg. 835,000
5 Interim Total 2,920,000
6 MIscellaneous 15% 438,000
7 Total 3,358,000

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