The Halissa Community Center

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The Halissa Community Center

A branch of the Neve Yosef Community Center that enhances the quality of life for the local Arab population

The Neve Yosef Community Center contributes to the development of the Arab population at the Halissa Community Center, with the aim to foster cultural activity and improve the quality of life in this impoverished eastern Haifa neighborhood.

The Halissa Community Center provides various recreational, cultural, educational, occupational, sports, and other activities with the aim to build community networks and strengthen the neighborhood´s population.

Objectives include reducing the exposure of susceptible youth to bad environmental influences such drugs, alcohol, delinquency, street gangs and crime as well as teaching women of all ages English, Hebrew, computers and business entrepreneurship and responding to the needs of the golden age community.


  • Learning and enrichment groups
  • Empowerment of girls and women
  • Establishment of a Clubhouse branch in the Halissa community

“Advancing and benefiting community life”

“Empowerment of women in the Arab community”

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