Sponsor a Child in Neve Yosef Learning Center

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Sponsor a Child in Neve Yosef Learning Center

We believe that education is the most essential service for disadvantaged youth who come from the lower social strata of the Israeli periphery and seek to acquire the educational aptitude and know-how to rise above it.

For this worthy objective, Neve Yosef runs a Learning Center for 120 boys and girls from the first grade through the end of high school. This robust program, for which we seek your kind support, runs for 10 months from Sunday-Thursday after school hours, 2PM-8PM, providing lessons in mathematics, English and language studies.

These subjects are critical for the educational development of at-risk youth, including many children and teenagers who enter the program with learning disabilities and special needs.

The participating boys and girls are taught in small groups and/or mentored privately, each according to his or her needs. Wonderful things happen to youngsters who receive close attention from dedicated instructors and tutors outside the school framework.

They are instilled with self-awareness of their learning abilities and the confidence to meet their scholastic potential. Their self-image becomes transformed from darkly negative to brightly positive, enabling them to see themselves not as troubled teenagers but as forward-looking young men and women.

These newly acquired traits ease their transition from high school to IDF service, and ultimately to higher education, the job market and the challenges of young adulthood.

Sponsor a child in Neve Yosef’s Learning Center for $300 a year.

Your show of support can make a world of difference for our youngsters at this crucial stage of their development.

Please contact us for more information.

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