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Music Center

The Music Center at the Neve Yosef Community Center provides music instruction on a high level and in a supportive atmosphere.

The Center fosters the Jewish-Arabic Orchestra, a unique formation of 15 Jews, Christians and Moslems (ages 14-24) from eastern Haifa. The young musicians meet to listen to music, play music, develop their musical talents, create music and in this manner form special bonds and lasting friendships. Participation in the orchestra enables the development of self-confidence, self-expression, and cooperation in a productive group atmosphere. The orchestra, which performed in Israel, Germany and Poland in 2015, has a repertoire combining Jewish, Israeli, Arabic, ethnic, classical and world music.

“Mozart in the Neighborhood” introduces classical musical to children and youth, at a subsidized cost, in the eastern Haifa communities. The development of their musical talent includes the study of musical theory, solfege and how to play a musical instrument of their choice. Participation in the orchestra gives the children a chance to perform in local musical events.


  • Development of the Jewish-Arabic Orchestra
  • Providing new musical instruments and professional
    instructors for “Mozart in the Neighborhood” Program

“Music is truly an international language”

“Bring the vitality of culture to the community”

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