Orian Azran

Orian Azran, 23, first came to the Neve Yosef Community Center at the age of 15. Her initial goal at the Learning  Center was to excel in her high school final exams. But Orian’s academic aspirations were sidetracked for three years as her mother was tragically stricken with cancer, from which she did not recover.  However, with a lot of help from the instructors at the Learning Center, Orian ultimately achieved her goal to graduate high school with high grades. She is now attending Haifa University where she is pursuing a BA in Economics and Business Administration.

Orian relates: “I had failed my exams and completely given up hope of succeeding in my studies. But then my father urged me to get help at the Neve Yosef Learning Center. My instructors at the Center helped me considerably. I received a 99 in Mathematics, which I didn’t think was possible, and an 85 in English. Today I am on the other side, helping young students at the Learning Center in Math, English and other subjects. In exchange for this community service I received a scholarship to pay for my first term at the Haifa University.”

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