“Feeling Disabilities” Event in Neve Yosef

“Feeling Disabilities” Event in Neve Yosef

On February 6th, 2017 there was a “Feeling Disabilities” event for youth in Neve Yosef in together with volunteers from Achva-the Multidisciplinary Union for people with disabilities, which is an organization in Haifa for people with disabilities.  The youth discovered the difficulty of being disabled through activities in 4 stations:

Hearing-they were taught sign language of a popular song in Hebrew, “small presents” and learned how to sign their name.

Sense of feeling:-the youth wore gloves that had pieces of hard plastic inside and they were told to do simple daily activities, such as tying their shoe laces, threading a needle and holding cutlery.

Movement-the youth sat in a wheelchairs or used crutches in an obstacle course.

Sight-The youth went in a dark room and learned how to maneuver with a walking stick

There were about 70 youth from eastern Haifa and by the end of the activity they really got a better understanding of what life is like being disabled.  Some youth even cried after this emotional experience.