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Neve Yosef Clubhouse

The Neve Yosef Clubhouse, part of an international network with 100 branches worldwide is a joint project with the Boston Science Museum and MIT University’s Media Lab.

The Neve Yosef Clubhouse offers an alternative for children and teenage youth (10-18 years old) who spend too many hours watching television or playing computer games.

The youth learn how to shoot and edit film, draw, paint, computer programing, graphic design, three-dimensional design and more.

The Neve Yosef Clubhouse creates an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect; its learning model is based on personal experience and motivation, enabling youth participants to discover and develop their creative talents.

Research shows that participation in the Clubhouse has encouraged a high percentage of participants to complete high school and it has been the most important source of support for setting high goals and expectations for themselves.


  • Equipping youth participants with technological
    and creative work tools
  • Hiring additional instructors
  • Recruiting and training volunteers

“The Neve Yosef Clubhouse-where technology meets imagination”

“Exploring and developing new personal skills through the use of technology”

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